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Enjoy the ambiance of rooftop restaurant and coffee shop in Chandigarh

There is nothing better than dining with your loved one at the rooftop of a stunning restaurant!

It would be truly amazing to enjoy a tasty dinner along with the ambiance of beautiful surroundings and magnificent city view.

In India, many popular hotels and restaurants are situated in a busy area, where food & beverages are served in an indoor decorated hall. This type of restaurants primarily caters to the needs of a particular region or a specific set of people who wants to experience fine dining. Now, people are just getting bored with the same conventional restaurant place and dining experience.

Roof Top

Therefore, many Hotels and Restaurants are now adding value to build extraordinary rooftop restaurants to comply with the dynamic demands of customers. It will be a special experience for the visitors or tourists who stay in the same hotel and looking for some exciting place to dine with their family or friends. It will be just unforgettable for them enjoying their favorite meal under the beautiful ambiance of open sky and city surroundings, welcomed by a kiss of the cool breeze on the face.

Many premium hotels in Chandigarh also provide their guests and visitors an in-house coffee shop facility where snacks and beverages are served round the clock. But, depending on hotel location and customer’s demand, some coffee shops may close early. In the comfortable ambiance of a coffee shop, customers can enjoy mood-elevating aroma and taste of the premium coffee and specialty blended teas to get rid of all stress and worries. Therefore, it can be a perfect place for visitors to escape from their routine activities and enjoy a cup of steaming hot coffee on any point of time.

So, next time when you plan to visit and stay at a premium hotel in Chandigarh then don’t forget to consider the above mentioned extraordinary facilities of Rooftop restaurants in Chandigarh along with an in-built 24x7 operational coffee shop in Chandigarh.

Hotel Rajshree is one of premium and popular hotel in Chandigarh that features beautifully designed rooftop restaurants where you can admire the panoramic view of the city, a perfect place for dining, luncheons, business meetings, cocktail parties, weddings, and other special occasions. Also, they provide round the clock coffee shop service where several varieties of coffees and teas are served with mouth watering desserts.

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