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Best 3 Star Hotels in Chandigarh

The Components for a Perfect Banquet halls and Conference halls

One of the most important elements of a business HOTEL IN a city is a venue or setting to carry out a mass of events ranging from conferences to large-scale product launches. And with Chandigarh at present undergoing a viable boom, the demand for high-quality conference halls in Chandigarh and banquet halls has skyrocketed. And Hotel Rajshree has stepped up to plug up the gap and provide its clients with a setting to guarantee a successful event. But what are the ingredients needed to be recognised as one of the best venues for banquet halls in a Chandigarh.

The major attraction of a banquet hall is the location of the venue. The Hotel Rajshree is located at Industrial and Business Park, Phase 1, Near Tribune Chowk. And with all visitors finding it easy to find the site, the stress of arranging a successful event without a hindrance reduces. 

banquet halls in chandigarh

These days technology is developing fast. For any presentation to be successful, you need to have all type of visual and auditory aids to make an impression on your clients for that big deal that will change the direction of your career.  At Hotel Rajshree each conference hall in Chandigarh is operational with the latest projector, screen and audio equipment. All these facilities are found in an air-conditioned and aesthetically designed hall that is specifically designed to emanate professionalism and to amaze that one big game-changing customers.

Whether high-speed broadband connectivity for an interactive session or an extravagant theme dinner, Hotel Rajshree has the technology and hi-tech support to get things done and to create an impact.      

All meeting rooms and public areas at the hotel are equipped with the latest Wi-Fi technology to ensure that clients are able to connect with the world while doing business in the hotel.

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